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Arduino LED strip TETRIS table
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Author: Andrei
Do you like to play TETRIS but you want to take that to the next level? What about a table that is all a TETRIS game. That's exactly what MarkQ8 made here on his post. The project is based on some WS2812 LED RGB strips. This kind of LED strip is very easy to control since it has serial data input. With just one pin we can control all the LEDs and each color so we could make nice things with these LEDs.

So, first thing first is to place 150 of these LEDs in series as we can see in this photo. The data from the first strip will go to the second and so on. To control everything, an Arduino microcontroller is used.

To order your boards, use and select your color.

He made the table with the LEDs and on top of that we haev to place some squares so we could separate each color from the other LEDs. Now, each light can change to multiple colors making the combination of RGB. To receive data we have to connect a Bluetooth module on the Rx and Tx pins. Inside of the Arduino, a code will run for the TETRIS game.

We have to install an App on our smartphone, connect to that Bluetooth module and send data to control the movement of the TETRIS pieces where 1 is for Up, Down = 2, Left = 3, Right = 4, Start = 5, Select = 6.

MarkQ8 made a few improvements on the code such as adding a brightness constrain function based on the potentiometer value so we can change the brightness, changed the colour coding of the tetris blocks so they were all different colours, reordered the menu, implemented an option to play animations from the SD card, add high score tracking and a high score display option in the menu.
For more check original tutorial here on this LINK.

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