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Arduino OLED game console
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Author: Andrei
Another very simple but cool project. Another example to see how we could use the Arduino and make a game console. All we need is the Arduino of course, an OLED display, some push buttons and a Lipo battery to power the entire circuit. The battery is 3.7V but the Arduino could work at that voltage as well. So that's what Mr Innovative made and presented on his YouTube channel.

He designed a simple PCB in order to combine all the components and make the connections simpler. What this project also needs is amybe a battery charger because once the LiPo is low voltage you ahve to desolder it and charge it externally.

To order your boards, use and select your color.

On the designed PCB you have to place first the Arduino and then the OLED display on top. This display uses i2c communication so it is very easy to use. You add the push button and the sliding switch to turn the PCB on and off.

He also designed a simple 3D case to fit everything inside and give the project a better look. All is there to do now it to program the arduino for the games. Mr Innovative also provides the code and schematic on this site here. Once the code is uploaded you could play tetris or submarine quest game using just 4 push buttons. For submarine quest you ahev to put the gamepad sideways.

So that's it for this project. Check more details on Mr Innovative YouTube channel and on the links he provides. You can see the Schematic, code and the 3D files so you could make the same project. I hope taht you liked this post.

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