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DIY Arduino based RC Transmitter
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Author: Andrei
Are you into RC? Well, as you know, radio controllers could be quite expensive, especially if you want a lot of channels. A radio channel in RC is a unique sent signal sent corresponding to one of the controller joysticks, swithces or push buttons. In this case, How To Mechatronics YouTube channel made another great project, a homemade Arduino based radio controller. Yes, it works with an Arduino and an NRF24 radio module that could give a range up to 700m in good conditions.
He made the schematic, designed the layout and ordered the boards, which by the way, look very good in the shape of a radio controller.

To order your boards, use and select your color.

The design is simple and modular, meanning that on the PCB you could solder all the modules and the PCB itself will only make the connections. We can see two joysticks so those are 4 analog channels. It also has 2 switches so two more digital cahnnels. We can also see 2 potentiometers so 2 more analog channels and also 4 push buttons so a total of 12 channels.

But there is more, the PCB also has a IMU module that will send one more analog channel corresponding to the roll inclination of the PCB so you could control stuff with movement. The PCB has a voltage regulator for 3,3V since the NRF24 module needs that voltage, but the main supply is 7.4V from two batteries.

He also provides the full schematic for this project and all the dimensions. The final product has an acrylic case that he made to give this project a better look. The acrylic is transparent so we could see the entire PCB and that looks awesome. The receiver is a simple Arduino with another NRF24 module. It recieves the radio signal and creates PWM signals just as a normal commercial radio receiver. For more, check How To Mechatronics YouTube channel and see his projects. Thank you.

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