Mist Humidifier - Part List
05/03/2022 | Views: 2619 | Robotics | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

To generate water mist we use this high frequency ultrasonic piezo. This time I will use another module that works at 24V. That can create a lot more mist than the 5V version. To supply the generator and the rest of the electronics I will use a DC adaptor of 24V that comes wioth the mist generator. To connect it to the entire device I will use a power jack. The digital control will be made with an Arduino and to control the time and the power I will use 3 buttons. I want to use capacitive buttons instead of normal push buttons. I will also add a buzzer for sound notifications. To get 12V out of the 24V supply I will use a buck converter module. To control power applied to the fan and mist generator, I will use some N channel MOSFETs. We will also need glue, some resin in order to water seal the container, screws, threaded insertions, wires and some other tools.

3D printed case:
DIY mist humidifier

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