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BadAss Tank - Android App control

If you want to control the Tank using the App, you have to download it from a link below. Also upload the code below to the Arduino. If you wnat to create your own App check this tutorial.

The Badass tank App will send a different character for each button. The Arduino receives that character and control the motors of the tank.

Download the App here:

Ok, now you have downloaded the App. Next you have to mount the next schematic. We will use the HC-06 bluetooth receiver. Be careful, if you connect the BT module to Tx and Rx you can't upload the code to the arduino because those are the UART pins. For taht upload the code before you connect the module. Ok, mount the schematic below. Supply 5V to the module and diugital pind 3, 4, 5 and 6 to the 4 inputs of the H module. Also connect the BT module Rx and Tx pins but after you upload the code.

bluetooth app android arduino robot control car
Go to the Tiger1 tutorial: