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RETROPIE microwave - part list
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This is the part list for this project. Make sure you use the same components but maybe a different amplifier. Check all connections and then plug the SD card with retropie. You have the parts that you need below.

We need:
1 x raspberry pi 3: LINK eBay
1 x high speed microSD: LINK eBay
1 x 12V 5A power supply: LINK eBay
1 x 2A buck converter: LINK eBay
1 x LCD driver HDMI + LCD: LINK eBay 10'      LINK eBay 7'
1 x Audio amplifier: LINK eBay
1 x On/off switch: LINK eBay
2 x speakers: LINK eBay
1 x Xbox joystick USB: LINK eBay
1 x keyboard: LINK eBay
1 x mouse (extra): LINK eBay
1 x WIFI USB antenna (extra, pi3 has wifi): LINK eBay
1 x case: DIY
wire, solder, soldering-iron, etc

RETROPIE project tutorial


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