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Plasma arc lighter

Final circuit

Now we have to mount this next circuit. We will use one 50 to 100 ohm resistor and one diode. The transistor could be a N50 high voltage NPN transistor or a IRFz44 mosfet. If you use the MOSFET, just remove the diode from the circuit. That’s it.

flyback converter circuit

We make all the connections. Remember to add a heat dicipator to the transistor otherwise it will burn out. Solder the resistor and diode together respecting the direction of the diode. Solder the transistor and make the connections between the transformer and the transistor. I will solder some wires and some male pins to the output and connect this to a power supply. The applied voltage should be between 3.7 and 7.4 volts. The plasma arc will be discharged to the closest point of the output. So for that close a little bit together the pins. Let’s turn it on.

flyback transformer windings

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As you can see there is our plasma arc. It is so nice and the sound that it makes is awesome. As you can see it is quite powerful. The plasma can even burn wood. It would be great to make a plasma cutter with this and use it to engrave wood. Let’s now test the other transformer that we’ve took out from the LCD screen. Let’s test it first without any changes to the primary coil. If you want to increase the power of it you should reduce the amount of windings of the primary coil. For that carefully, unwind the primary and flyback coils and make the same windings as in the previous transformer. I solder all the components of the circuit. This time I will use the IRFZ44 mosfet transistor and I will remove the diode. The rest of the circuit is the same. Solder everything in place. The commune wire which is the middle one is positive. Supply around 5 volts to the input and test it out. As you can see there is our plasma arc. This circuit draw a lot of current so you should use a powerful power supply or maybe directly a lipo battery. If the circuit is not working it could also be because of low current. This circuit works as well.

flyback transformer coil

If you don’t want to build this circuit and you only want the high voltage module you can also buy it very cheap but that is not as interesting as building it. I’ve bought this high voltage module from ebay. The specification of this module tells me that it has a 400 kv output, but I doubt that. Any way this makes a very high voltage that creates a powerful arc. The sound that this one makes is incredible. Be careful, this project is quite dangerous. Always take all the protection measures while working. If you are not sure about something, it’s better not to connect the power supply. This kind of voltage can injure you so be very careful. Also the plasma arc creates some radiation so might damage your eyes if you look at it long enough. Please be careful. So this was my high voltage arc lighter project. All I need now is to make a case with a push button to turn it on and off. I’ll design the case in blender and 3D print it. I think is better if I give to the case a shape of a taser. Place all the components inside along with the lipo battery. Put the push button between the battery and the positive input of the transformer. This is my final arc lighter. Pretty cool right? I hope you enjoyed this project. If so please like and share the video with your friends in order to motivate me for more videos like this one. Also subscribe to my channel. If you have any question just leave it in the comment section below or on my q&a page. All the links are in the description below as always. Thanks again and see you later See you later guys.

flyback transformer how to build

Un vídeo publicado por ELECTRONOOBS (@electronoobs) el

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