PCBWAY PCB service

PCBWAY PCB service


Arduino ESC (electronic speed controller) material

All the prices are low due to China purchase. It's up to you wait or not.

1. Two MOSFET IRF3205 transistors (pack-2: 1€) LINK eBay
2. Three TSC428CPA drivers (pack-10: 4€) LINK eBay (I've used IR2301 but this is quite expensive)
3. Three power diodes(pack-100: 1€) LINK eBay
4. One 100uF 25V capacitor (pack-20: 1€) LINK eBay
5. Ten 0,1uF 0805 size capacitor (pack-100: 1€) LINK eBay
6. Six 22uF capacitor (pack-10: 1€) LINK eBay
7. Ten 22pF capacitor (pack-100: 1€) LINK eBay
8. 0805 size resistor: 100, 1k 2k (pack-100: 1€) LINK eBay
9. 5V ams1117 voltage regulator (pack-10: 1€) LINK eBay
10. Female and male pcb pins (pack-10: 1€) LINK eBay
11. Huge 4700uF 16V capacitor (1€) LINK eBay
12. Arduino NANO (2€)
13. Wires, conectors, solder, soldering iron... (0€)