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Homemade bluetooth speaker, 3D printed case

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Full part list

1 x Bluetooth receiver LINK eBay
1 x Boost converter module LINK eBay
1 x Battery charger module LINK eBay
1 x 50k Dual potentiometer + switch LINK eBay
1 x push button LINK eBay
2 x 55mm Speakers LINK eBay
3 x 18650 3.7 LiOn batteries LINK eBay
2 x LED LINK eBay
1 x Drilled PCB LINK eBay
2 x TDA2030 amplifier LINK eBay
8x 100k resistor LINK eBay
2 x 4.7k reisstor LINK eBay
2 x 1R resistor LINK eBay
4 x 2.2uF capacitor LINK eBay
2 x 22uF capacitor LINK eBay
2 x 100nF capacitor LINK eBay
4 x 1N4001 diodes LINK eBay
2 x 2200uF capacitor LINK eBay
Wire, soldering iron, solder, thermo tubes etc...

Homemade bluetooth speaker part list

As for the case, it is designed in blender. Downlaod the STL files from the link below and print the parts with PLA material, 15% infill, 2 layers and a nozzle of 0.4mm. I've used my dear Anet E10 printer to print the files, and the print quality is amazing.

Downlad the STL files here:

Homemade bluetooth speaker part list

Extra options for amplifiers

TDA2030A module LINK eBay
TDA7498 2*100W LINK eBay
TDA7492P 50W+50W LINK eBay
TDA7297 2x15W LINK eBay