Homemade Party Photo Booth
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This is a homemade and very cheap photo booth for your parties. Because I’m expecting a big party and photo booths are very expensive so I’ve made my own. The case is made out of wood and inside we have a supply for the LEDs, a tablet and a thermal printer. So basically, this is capable of taking your picture and print it in a couple of seconds. That’s exactly what you should expect from such a product. So let me show you what you need for this project, how to set it up, how to make the case and start taking and printing your own pictures. You have everything that you need below in the description. So guys, let’s get started. 

I will use an old android tablet I bought for just 50 dollars for a second-hand app. You can find them for very cheap. To print the photos, I want to use this kind of thermal printer. This costs less than 100 euros and the size of the prints is pretty close to the rental photo booth paper so it would be good enough. For the case I will use this kind of plywood or MDF. I will use some white LED strip for the light. We also need a PWM controller like this one to control the brightness. Then we need a 12 and 5V power supply to supply everything since all the parts will be turned on all the time so they can’t run on battery.

For the case, together with the wood boards we need other wood parts, screws, glue, some cables, some spray paint and so on.

1 month ago | Blogs | by: ELECTRONOOBS

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