SPWM inverter - Part list
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This is the part list for this project. Make sure you use the same components. Check all connections and then uplaod the code and test it.

We need:
1 x Arduino NANO/UNO/pro mini: LINK eBay
2 x IRFZ44N: LINK eBay
1 x IR2301 driver: LINK eBay
3 x 1N4001 diode: LINK eBay
1 x 10uF 16V capacitor: LINK eBay
1 x 4800uF 16V capacitor: LINK eBay
1 x >47nF 400V capacitor: LINK eBay
wire, solder, soldering-iron, etc

Arduino SPWM inverter breadboard


SPWM inverter


PCBWAY PCB service

PCBWAY PCB service

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