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Noise Generator - Part List
12/01/2023 | Views: 1732 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

Let’s start with the part list. Well, we start with the 3D printed enclosure. But you could use any plastic case for this purpose, but I wanted to design and print my own. It has 3 parts, the main case, the top part and the feet. It has a hole for a speaker and some other holes for push buttons and potentiometers. Also an input for a charger. Next, for the electronics, we start with this 5W speaker. To amplify the sound I will use this small 5V PAM Amplifier. It already has a volume potentiometer and that’s great. For power, I will use two 18650 batteries like these ones. And to charge them, as always I will use this small TP4056 USB charger. TO play sounds I will use a DF player module. This also needs a small micro SD card formatted to FAT32. To add lights I will use addressable LED strips with the WS 28 12 chip. Like that we can control each LED separately. And to control everything, obviously, I will add an Arduino NANO. Extra, we need some push buttons and a potentiometer. And that’s pretty much everything that we need.

Transmitter IR Remote Version
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