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FOC Controller - PCB
11/09/2022 | Views: 23921 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

Today we don’t make a normal brushless motor controller or so-called ESC. We make a controller that is called FOC and stands for field-oriented control and for this project I’ve made a PCB that you could download from below and order it at PCBWAY as always, and make the same project. It has everything you need and it has screws for the motor, a smaller PCB for the magnetic encoder which is very important, it also has the triple phase driver and an ATMEGA328 microcontroller and a bunch of inputs and outputs. So get my files and go to and click the quote now button. Insert the PCB size and select the amount and solder mask color. Click save to cart and on the next page upload my GERBER files. Place the order in just a couple of minutes and receive perfect PCBs. They look amazing with the red solder mask. I’ve made the design in such a way that later we can cut the tiny part and place it over the big PCB.

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