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3D printed radio controlled Spitfire plane

You can download the STL files of the Spitfire plane here. Please support me subscribing to my YouTube channel.

This tutorial is divided in 3 parts: transmitter, body construction and the receiver.
3d printed Spitfire
3D printed body
3d printed Spitfire transmitter NRF24
3d printed Spitfire receiver NRF24 MPU6050

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We are going to buil a nice and fun radio controlled airplane. To make this project even better we are going to 3D print a real replica of the war Spitfire plane. If you don't have a 3D printer, there will be other tutorials on how to build a plane out of wood, foam or cardboard. The rest of the tutorial is the same.

You can free download all the STL files of the Spitfire plane right here on my webpage. All the files ahve double layer walls. The printed plane will be very light adn strong. For the project we will need about 400 grams of PLA material, one 11.1V lipo battery, one 2211 brushless motor, one 20A ESC, 3 arduino nano, one MPU6050 gyro/accelerometer, two NRF24 radio modules, an old radio controller, wires, etc...

Free 3d printed Spitfire Start the tutorial :