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Tube PreAmplifier - GERBERs
20/11/2021 | Views: 15362 | Circuits | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

If you want the same PCB, download my GERBER files from below, go to for example and click the quote now button. You can download them for free, or if you want to help my work, buy the GERBERs from my shop for a few dollars. On PCBWAY, insert the size and the amount of PCBs you want to order. Then select a color, in my case I select purple because I think it looks amazing. Click save to cart and, on the next page, click the button and upload the GERBER files and then make the payment. In a few days, I receive my PCBs and they look very good. My PCB has an AC input for supply and on the other side we have one audio Input and one audio output for left and right channels. The AC supply is then connected to an on and off switch inside of the potentiometer. That potentiometer has two channels and also that switch integrated so we can use it to control volume but also to turn the amplifier on and off. Then, on the PCB we can see 4 diodes followed by some capacitors and 4 transistors. And yes, yes, I know I’ve told you this amplifier is not based on transistors, and is not. We use these BJTs transistors only for the voltage doubler part of the circuit.

GEBRER download vacuum tube pre amplifier

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