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Stereo Bluetooth Speaker - PART LIST
28/08/2021 | Views: 14983 | Circuits | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

Let’s go and prepare the components for the speaker and the first components we need to select are some good speaker drivers. I recommend you to pay a little bit more and get some decent quality speakers. The idea is to use two different modules, one for the medium range and treble frequency and these other ones as subwoofers for the deep base sound. For the case I’ve made my own design and 3D print it. Print the parts with PLA, 0.2mm layer height and 2 perimeters. One of the main components is the amplifier since the power coming out from those tiny earbuds is very low. The module I've selected is using the TPA3110 amplifier and could have an output power of 30W for each channel and voltages from 8 up to 26V. As power source I want to use 4 Lithium-Ion batteries in series with a total voltage of 16.8V. Check the rest of the parts on the list below.


Part list for homemade bluetooth speaker

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