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RC car PCB
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Author Andrei
Electronoobs made another PCB that will soon be posted as a tutorial on the YouTube channel, so stay tuned for that. This board is a RC car controller. It has both radio and Bluetooth connection. The radio is made using a 2.4Ghz module, the NRF24. The bluetooth connection is amde using an HC-06 module. The baord has some extra parts. First of all, it has a dual H-bridge module capable of controling the speed and rotation direction for two DC motors. The speed is controlled using PWM signals from the Arduino, and yes, the baord is based on an Arduino setup. Some weeks back we've see on this site, the tutorial on how to make an Arduino based radio controller. Now, he uses that controller with the NRF24 connection, to control any RC car.

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Some other modules this board has are two buck convertes that are set to 3.3V adn 5V. That's because the Arduino LDOs are not powerful enough. It also has a DF player module. This module could play mp3 files that has stored on an SD card and control that with the Arduino. So thst's great if you want to add sounds to your project, in this case engine and tracks moving sounds for a 3D printed tank.

The board also has outputs for 3 servos or ESCs with GND, 5V and signal. It also has a MOSFET control where we could connect any load such as a laser diode, an automatic BB gun or add a nichrome wire as in a previous tutorial and light up matches with that. There are a lot of pins, the main input, DC motor outputs, speaker outputs and so on...

Another cool mode is the use of a Bluetooth module to control the tank instead of radio connection. He also designed an Android App with a lot of buttons where each button sends a differenc command. So, in the code, we could easily detect those commands and control motors, sounds, servos or any other part connected to this RC board.

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