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Peristaltic Pump
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Author Andrei
First of all what is a peristaltic pump ? Well, it is a type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids, they are also commonly known as roller pumps since inside we have rollers that push or suck the liquid inside an elastic tube. Taht's what DIY king YouTube channel presented in his video. He made a homemade version of this devide using some acrylic sheets, PVC tubes, some metal bearings, silicone tube and some screws. To spin the inside rotor he used a geared DC motor so it would have decent torque. He shows us all the process to make this. He also designed a PCB to control the DC motor and change speed and direction using a potentiometer.

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This is the PCB he designed for this project. It is a dual way speed controller for DC motor. That means it could change the power applied to the motor but also the polarity as would do an H-bridge. On the PCB we can see 4 transistors so this might be based on an H-bridge configuration. There is also an logic IC that will probably create the PWM signals to control those 4 transistors and by that the speed and rotation direction.

He ordered the PCBs and solder everything. To control the speed/rotation the is using a potentiometer. Two heat sinks are placed over the transistors to keep those cool. The input is from a 12V battery and the output is connected to the DC motor of the pump.

And that's it. The motor spins, the bearings inside are pushing the silicone tube crating pressure and by that pushing and sucking the liquid from one side to the other. Reversing the motor rotation will pump the liquit in the other way.

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