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Halloween Skull - Schematic
23/10/2021 | Views: 7368 | Robotics | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

Once everything will be prepared we will use the enxt schematic for all the connections. First you need to mount the smok machine. Add 2 mosfets to that and they both will be controlled with the D6 pin from the Arduino. The rest are basic connection. Be careful and check the output of the boost converters and make sure is 5V for one and 12V for the other one. The TP4056 has current and under voltage protection but I will use this module just to recharge the battery. Why? Well, because the vaper heating element needs around 4A and the TP4056 module has a 1.5A current limit and it would power off if we actrivate the vaper. So we need to jump over that protection, that's why we connect the main switch directly to the B+ pad of the module. For less noise, the DFplayer needs two 1K resistors for the Tx and Rx pins. We need 3 WS2812 LEDs, 2 for the eyes and one more below the jaw.

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