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3D Tiger 1


In this part of the tutorial we are going to build a full 3D printed tiger1 tank. You will find here all the 3d files in a .stl format ready to download. Also you will find important tips for 3D printing settings, all the building steps and a bunch of example photos. Please also check my YouTube channel and watch all the tutorial videos.

So, let's begin with the tutorial. In the next table you can see all the .stl files that you have to download and print. You can download all the files at the end of this page or going to the DOWNLOADING page. In the downloaded folder you will find all the parts separately so you could printe them one by one.

Tiger 1 full body 1 PLA An example of the final full construction
Bottom base 1 wood Main bottom base. It's the only part made of wood.
Track system 1 PLA All the weels from the track system. All parts are printed separately
Top frame 1 PLA All the parts from the top frame. Print them separately. Some details are missing.
Turret and cannon 1 PLA All the turret and cannon files. There are more parts inside, be carefoul!
Details 1 PLA Some of the details files. There are a lot more!

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