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My FPV drone pilot experience

0.0 Intro

As you all seen in my past videos, I’ve build a few drones this last year. This was my first 3D printed body which is more than awful since is quite heavy and also with elastic arms so the vibration from the motors is huge. I never managed to make this fly. The same happened in case of this aluminum tubes drone body. Finally, I’ve made this 250 drone that works perfect. I have two versions of this one, one with the multiwii code and the second with an own made code which doesn’t work that good yet. I’m also working on these mini brushed motors drone and the video on this one will come out soon. I’ve even designed a PCB for this one and the coded is almost done so stay tuned for that. We’ve even had 6 months of university project building and testing a drone so I know how PID works, how to build each part of the drone and almost everything is there to know about basic drones. We even learned about how propeller turbulence will change the liftoff from the ground.

But, despite all that I don’t know how to fly a drone yet. The reality is that I know how to build a drone but I’m not a good pilot. Is more, I’m not a pilot at all and that’s because I always only test drones in cages or inside my workshop. Besides, here in Barcelona is almost impossible to find a place where is legal to fly drones. You have to go far away from the city center. So, that’s why I’m not a good pilot but that is about to change.

I want became a decent drone pilot and share that experience with you at the same time. Also teaching you something about drones on the way because it’s a very interesting topic since there are a lot of electronics involved into these machines. So, I’ll make a few videos about my experience start to finish on how I’ve started my FPV drone flying, starting with gear that you need for a decent FPV flight. Then we will see how to prepare your drone and we will have a first flight. Have in mind that I’m a beginner of FPV drones so this should be the experience of a guy that never used FPV racing drones.
So, let’s get started.

Sowy, still working...