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Cyclone CNC mill with Arduino MEGA, RAMPS 1.4 and GRBL firmware

Cyclone PCB mill is a great CNC machine. It has quite nice precison due to high quality used step motors, use of rods and great bearings. The body is aout 80% 3D printed. All the plastic parts are made of PLA material and they are designed ready to be printed.

CYCLONE cnc mill diy how to build

We will build first the frame. We have to print all the .STL files that you could download from a link below. We have to print them with 3 perimeters, 25% infill or more. I've used a 0.3mm nozzle and PLA material.

You can download the .stl files here, ready to print:

All 3D parts -- PLA Print all this parts in order to build your Cyclone CNC
X axis frame 1 PLA Print one of each. This are left and right X axis frame.
Y axis frame 1 PLA Print one of each. This are back and front Y axis frame.
X carriage 1 PLA This will be the carriage that will move on the X axis.
Gears 2 PLA Print 2 of the big gears on the left and one of each of the gears on the right
Bearring suport 4 PLA Parts for the Y axis linear bearrings.
Y axis screw grip 1 PLA Makes the connection between the rod and Y axis board
Smooth rod fix 6 PLA Fix the smooth rods in place
Drill support 1 PLA To fix in place the drill
Soportes de barras 2 PLA Se posiciona sobre las barras
Vacuum parts 1 PLA Parts to connect the vacuum

Now that we have all the 3d printed parts we can start mounting the machine. First we need a ground board. I've used a 30x40xm wood board. Download the next plans and print hem on a sheet of A4 paper. After that glue the paper on the wood (or any other strong material) and trill the holes.

You can download the TEMPLATES files here, ready to print:

Now glue the A4 paper and drill the holes as shown in the next photo. Once the drills are made put a 3cm long M3 screw in each hole.

Now download the next guide and start the assembly.

You can download the X axis GUIDE files here:

You can download the Y axis GUIDE files here:

You can download the Z axis GUIDE files here:

You can download the Electronics GUIDE files here:

I've used a different board for my Cyclone. I've bought an Arduino MEGA with the RAMPS 1.4 and upload the GRBL for cyclone firmware.

I've used a 5A power supply. Also i?ve added a fan to cool the step motor modules. I've connected some external aligator end wires for the Z probe. Download the next GRBL for Cyclone code and open it in Arduino IDE. Select a MEGA board and upload it. Tu use this CNC machine I've used a software named bCNC.

You can download the GRBL for Cyclone files here:

To create my G-code files from the PCB gerbers I've used FlatCam software.

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