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Full SINE Inverter - GERBERs
19/03/2022 | Views: 35242 | Circuits | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

This is the PCB I’ve made for this project. It is quite big but don’t worry, the circuit is not that complicated. The size is of 210mm by 90mm but depending on your designing skills and the time you invert for such a project, you could make it even more compact. So you can download the GERBERs from below and go to PCBWAY and order your own board. Click the quote now button. Select the size, amount of PCBs and the color, in my case I want it to be black. Save to cart and click the upload GERBERs button. Upload the GERBER and make the order. In a few days you receive the PCBs and they look awesome. I think the black solder mask is my favorite. As you can see, the PCB has exposed copper tracks. That’s because I want those tracks to withstand more current so later we could add solder on top so they would get thicker.

homemade pcb power sinusoidal inverter

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