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WTV020-SD sound MODULE

STEP 5 - Small amplifier

What do we need?

All the prices are low due to China purchase. It's up to you wait or not.

1. One 1w 8 ohm small speacker (1€) LINK eBay
2. LM386 amp(1€) LINK eBay
3. 1 x 1000uF, 3 x 100uF, 1 x 10uF, Electrolytic capacitors(1€) LINK eBay
4. 1 47nF ceramic capacitor(1€) LINK eBay
5. 10 ohm resistence(less 1€) LINK eBay
6. 10k ohm potentiometer(1€) LINK eBay
7. Wires, conectors, solder, soldering iron... (0€)

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This is the final part of the WTV020 SD sound module tutorial. See that tutorial here. We are going to use a WTV020-SD module to play some ad4 sound files. To control the module we will use an arduino but to amplify the sound we will use the next circuit.

STEP 5 - Small amplifier

This wtV020 module could work alone using some external push buttons to play, pause, next and previous track change. But it is a lot more intresting use it with a microcontroller for our projects. If you want to make a robot talk this should be the best and cheapper way.
These is the ampllifying circuit and connections.

We'll use the 10k potentiometer to change the volume. We'll connect pin 2 of the WTV020 module to our audio in of this circuit. Remember that this circuit and the Arduino must share GND in order to work. You could also buy directly this module from eBay:

Connect pin 2 from the module to our audio amplifier circuit audio in pin. Use the 10K potentiometer to change the amplifying value. use a 1W 8 ohm speacker.

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