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Daft Punk helmet - 3D STL files
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The design of the helmet is not mine. I've downlaoded the original files from this page here. So, thanks to Ruiz Brothers for their work, the helmet is awesome and very easy to print and glue togehter. Go to the link below and downlaod the files. The helmet is made out of 4 parts, 3 for the helmet and one more for the shades. You will need a big printer, more than 25x25cm of printing area. We need to print 3 parts for the helmet body and one for the shades (visor). I've used black PLA for the helmet case with 2 perimeters, 15% infill, 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height. For the visor I've used translucent clear PLA and I've printed 2 visors. One to put the LEDs on and the other one to cover the LEDs and by that give a better look. If you ahve translucent dark PLA, it's better to use that.

Download STL 3D files:

Daft punk 3D STL download


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