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Homemade cheap drone - Transmitter CODE
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Download the .zip file below. Open the Arduino (.ino) code on your Arduino IDE and upload it to the Transmitter Arduino and make sure you have the connections as in the schematic below. You could also copy and paste the code from below. Remember, you will alos need the NRF24 library so download it from below as well.

Download the Transmitter (6ch) code:

Download NRF24 library

homemade drone Arduino

/*A basic 4 channel transmitter using the nRF24L01 module.*/
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/* */

/* First we include the libraries. Download it from 
   my webpage if you donw have the NRF24 library http://localhost/electronoobs/eng_arduino_NRF24_lib.php*/
#include <SPI.h>
#include <nRF24L01.h>
#include <RF24.h>

/*Create a unique pipe out. The receiver has to 
  wear the same unique code*/
const uint64_t pipeOut = 0xE8E8F0F0E1LL;

RF24 radio(9, 10); // select  CSN  pin

// The sizeof this struct should not exceed 32 bytes
// This gives us up to 32 8 bits channals
struct MyData {
  byte throttle;
  byte yaw;
  byte pitch;
  byte roll;
  byte AUX1;
  byte AUX2;

MyData data;

void resetData() 
  //This are the start values of each channal
  // Throttle is 0 in order to stop the motors
  //127 is the middle value of the 10ADC.
  data.throttle = 0;
  data.yaw = 127;
  data.pitch = 127;
  data.roll = 127;
  data.AUX1 = 0;
  data.AUX2 = 0;

void setup()
  //Start everything up


// Returns a corrected value for a joystick position that takes into account
// the values of the outer extents and the middle of the joystick range.
int mapJoystickValues(int val, int lower, int middle, int upper, bool reverse)
  val = constrain(val, lower, upper);
  if ( val < middle )
    val = map(val, lower, middle, 0, 128);
    val = map(val, middle, upper, 128, 255);
  return ( reverse ? 255 - val : val );

void loop()
  // The calibration numbers used here should be measured 
  // for your joysticks till they send the correct values.
  data.throttle = mapJoystickValues( analogRead(A0), 0, 127, 255, true );  //Change this values and calibrate the sent data
  data.yaw      = mapJoystickValues( analogRead(A1), 0, 127, 255, true );   // true or false in order to invert the joystick direction
  data.pitch    = mapJoystickValues( analogRead(A2), 0, 127, 255, true );     //0 low value, 127 middle value, 255 top value
  data.roll     = mapJoystickValues( analogRead(A3), 0, 127, 255, true );
  data.AUX1     = digitalRead(7);    //These are digital values so 0 and 1 maped in the receiver code to 0 to 255
  data.AUX2     = digitalRead(8);

  radio.write(&data, sizeof(MyData));

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