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Smallest ESC - PCB
24/03/2024 | Views: 2952 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

The PCB I’ve made for today's project is only 8 mm wide, as you can see in in the video on the tip of my finger. The reason I have it in multiple colors is because this is the third version, because believe it or not, even if the circuit is simpler, the project got more difficult because of that. If you want to try the same project, you could download my final GERBER files from below and try it out, maybe you could improve it. Go to and click the quote button and on this next page add the settings such as size, amount and color. In this case this is a 4 layer PCB so I also select that option. Save to cart and on the next Page I upload the GERBER files. Place the order and in a few days, receive some very very small PCBs. They look great as always, so let’s get started.

download gerbers ESC controller PCB

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