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Handheld Multimeter - 3D Parts
29/02/2024 | Views: 3926 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

I’ve been designing an enclosure as well. It has a few versions. First I’ve printed it using PLA and an FDM printer. But if I want to get very small and also have good quality, the next versions were printed using a resin printer. The last two versions are these. One is very small but the other one also has a space for the negative probe. This would get wrap around like this and will stay inside its socket, which is pretty nice. The dial also has these two plastic parts. They get snapped on top of the dial PCB like this. Then I glue the screen on the top part. I pass the negative probe through this hole on the back. Then I solder it to the PCB and now I could close it. I do that using very small screws and that’s it.

3D Stl download multimeter case STL

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