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Handheld Multimeter - PCB
29/02/2024 | Views: 3929 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

So if you want to make the same project you can download the GERBER files from below and check all the parts and schematics on Go to and click the quote button. Here we add the size of the pcb and the amount. To get the 5 dollars offer, select 5 PCBs. For the color I went with red this time. Save to cart and here, on the next page, upload the GERBER files you've just downloaded from my website. Place the order and in just a few days, I receive some awesome PCBs from PCBWAY. Remember we need two PCBs for this project, the main multimeter and this dial which is just a circle. The reason it has multiple holes is because I wasn’t sure which type of pins I will use so I’ve placed a lot of them. Now that I’ve decided which to use, I will make the PCB with only one row of holes. The PCBs look awesome as always so we can start with the project.

download gerbers multimeter PCB

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