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Music Spectrum
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Author Andrei

LEDs are always awesome. Color LEDs are even better. A bunch of color LEDs is perfect. This is another project you will like. If you like listening to music and enjoy the visuality, this project is for you. DIGITAL CLOCK MUSIC SPECTRUM ELECTRONIC KIT WITH TEMPERATURE DISPLAY. This is an electronic kit. When you complete the project you will not only have a music spectrum, but also a digital clock and thermometer and the full process is posted on Instructables by TheTNR.

A suitable sound source near it can switch to spectrum, can be switched to the clock (12/24 hours) and temperature (degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit) display, the spectrum sensitivity have 3 levels adjustable, 3 kinds of display mode optional.

The display screen is made up of 160 LEDs components of the 10*16 dot matrix. Driven by the MCU and LED driver chip. When the display signal spectrum, voice chip on the microphone module output sampling, get the amplitude of each frequency point by FFT, and display to the dot matrix screen. Because the sound is constantly changing, so the calculated amplitude are constantly changing, so you can see a change with the sound pattern. When the clock is displayed, the MCU reads the time in the clock chip and displays it in the dot matrix screen.

When the display temperature, MCU read voltage of thermistor is converted into temperature, and display to the dot matrix screen.

So, there you have it. A huge board filled with color LEDs. Now you could show time and temperature becasue the LEDs are driven and could be controllerd with the microcontroller. If you want to see more, the steps, the schematic, the part list and code, check the post on Instructables. I hope you will like this post and maybe make your own board.

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