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Arduino Range & Digital Spirit Level
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Author: Andrei
How To Mechatronics YouTube channel posted a video on his work, an Arduino based meter. This DIY project could measure both distance or tilt angle. To see the results he uses an i2c communication LCD to print the data. To measure distance the system uses an ultrasonic sensor and to measure tilt angle it uses a gyro/accelerometer module. All this is inside a custom designed case made out of transparent acrylic and that gives this project a more DIY look. The device is operated using a single button but the case also has an ON and OFF switch. The main part of the project is, of course, an Arduino NANO that will make all the proceses.

The system is quite low power and it can be supplied using a 9V battery. The Arduino already has a 5V voltage regulator for the rest of the components. How To Mechatronics made a custom PCB for this project.

To order your boards, use and select your color.

He also shares the schematic and all you need to make this project if you want. The PCB is very simple, just to plug in the Arduino and the rest of the components. The ultrasonic sensor will send a sound 40KHz wave and wait for the bounced wave. It will also measure the time and by knowing the speed of sound, the distance could be measured. Using the IMU module, the angle could be measured and displayed on the screen.

But the project has different modes. By measuring two perpendicular distances, it will give you the area in squared meters.

You could also select the units of measure and finally, if you push one more time the button you could measure the angle of roll or pitch. The prject is quite nice and fast to assemble if you have the PCB he designed and all the components. The difficult part is making the acrylic case but that should take you only a few hours if you use propper tools. For more, check his channel on How To Mechatronics .
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Blog#34 - Arduino Range Measurer

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