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Halloween Skull - Part List
23/10/2021 | Views: 7614 | Robotics | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

First of all, we need the 3D printed skull so download my designs from the next chapter below and 3D print it. Is made out of 3 main parts. The jaw, the bottom part of the skull and the top part. I will use an Arduino as always. To move the jaw, I will use a servo motor, a micro 9G. For the LEDs I will use addressable RGB LEDs, the WS2812. To create sounds, as always, we can use a DF player with a micro-SD card and palace some mp3 files on it. This is very easy to control with the Arduino. It has enough power for an 8-ohm speaker so we also need that. To supply everything, I’m planning to use a 1S battery of 3.8V so we will need a voltage booster in order to get 5V for the digital part. And to protect and recharge the battery I will use a protection module with USB connector. We also want to make the skull react to movement so for that I will use a PIR sensor.

What we need for the mini smoke machine? Well I want to use the heating element of a vaping cigarette. I’ve bought a few models and see which one is best. To push the smoke out I will sue a 12V fan. We also need some smoke liquid. To control the power of the heater and the pump we will need two MOSFETs which we can control with the Arduino. That’s pretty much all we need. So let’s start.

DIY halloween printed skull robotics

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