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Smoke Machine - Schematic
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The Schematic is very simple. We start by connecting the main input plug with fuse for protection. From this connector we get Live and Neutral. Make the heater block. Wind the copper tube around the heater, place the thermocouple close to the heater, place everything isnide the thin can and add cement. See details below. The heater is connected directly to neutral but is connected to live through the thermocouple which is noramlly closed. So, when 260ºC is reached, it will get open and the heater will be disconnected. Connect neutral to the water pump and through the push button connect live. In this way, when we push the button, we activate the pump. Add the resistor, diodes and LED to the output of the thermocouple. In this way, when the thermocouple is closed, the LED will be turned on and when it is closed it will eb off.

Schematic circuit homeamde smoke amchine


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