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STM32 Radio Controller - Part List
20/06/2021 | Views: 30795 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

The STM32 microcontroller and the NRF24 radio module are working at 3.3V so for that I’ve used a small buck converter module set to exactly that voltage. And to supply everything we have two 18650 batteries, each one with a battery socket. Then we have these push buttons which are not programmed yet, but in the future, I will use these to fine adjust the middle position of each channel. The PCB also has a buzzer which we can also use for sounds notification. Each joystick needs 2 sets of 3 wires each and a male connector on onw side. Then a female connector on the PCB. The same goes for the toggle switches.

STM32 homemade drone radio controller

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