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PCBWay had 5 years
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Author Andrei
So, guys, this June, PCBWay celebratde their 5th anniversary and they appreciate our accompany along them. In return, they've prepared plenty of gifts for PCBWayers like us. But, in this post we will take a look at a differnet part from this anniversary of PCBWay. They have sent me a package with some great PCB samples, a cool T-shirt with the "Trust me I'm a PCBWAyer text" and a cool badge. This is not just a simple pin badge to put on your T-shirt or maybe backpack. This is a badge made out of a PCB and even more, it has some blincking LEDs. Usually this blincking process is amde with some sort of integrated circuit that could charge and discharge a capacitor and by that flicker the LED. But in this case, the design sues some smart LEDs. These are SMD small LEDs that are able to blink by themself. Jsut apply power and the LED will create their blink pattern as you could see in this gif on the side. Quite cool right?

This PCB has very high quality and a gold plated finish on the copper parts. The solder mask is matte black and looks cool with a white silklayer. On the back we have more designs and a small SMD switch. Thuis switch is connected to a coin cell battery socket. We insert this cell on this support and when we turn the siwtch on, the LEDs will flash. The LEDs are RGB, so red, green and blue so we could get all kind of colors from the spectrum.

If you enjoy PCBWay services, you could both wear their T-shirt and the badhe with blincking LEDs and look more like a geek. Or maybe make your own circuit like this one, create a different PCB and make your own badge design and share taht with your frinds or fans.

So, we are all happy PCBway reached 5 good years of good orders and quality services. If you want to share your design or order PCBs, look at their website where you can place feedback, ask question and quote yout projects.

Apart this post, if you have your own project and you need good quality PCBs, consider using the services of which will offer you quite good services, I use their services a lot of my PCBs.

Consider supporting ELECTRONOOBS on PATREEON.

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