Homemade Tarot Robot with a Pi
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For Christmas secret Santa, Estefannie made once again an amazing gift. She designed all the tarot cards, made a cool script for shuffle and the robot is able to select a random card and read you your future. All inside a homemade wood encloser with a spooky and vintage look. In my opinion, this is a great and original gift and anyone who receives it, is a lucky person. Best detail is that spooky eye in the top middle LOL. You can see her full video about how to make it here on the side in case you might want to make one yourself. Is great when makers are sharing their work step by step as Estefannie dose. Great work!

To make the Tarot reader she decided to have 3 main steps. First step is the card reading from a total of 72 cards. I guess that was the long part since she had to go over the tarot “science”, reading the book, get the information about each card and so on. That took hours… The second step was to show and select the random card. For that she made a cool interface with an old 8 bit game look. That in my opinion added the special vintage effect. The third step was to make it cool and old. For that Estefannie made the enclosure out of wood, varnish it and added a clay made spooky eye as a button to activate the card reading.

As for the electronics, she was running this custom-made interface on a raspberry Pi. To show the game she used a normal LCD screen. To make it cooler, she also added some speakers with a decent amplifier for better sound. She made the supply and all the wiring and placed everything inside the wood enclosure which looks kind a like a vintage mirror, right?

Now, every time you push the “eye” button, a new card is selected and you can see the visual design of it and also read the details. Pretty cool, right? Thank you Estefannie for such cool project. Check full video HERE.

11 months ago | Blogs | by: ELECTRONOOBS

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