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Mini Power Station
2 years ago | Blogs | by: Walid Issa


  • The board accepts various input choices: USB-C (5-20V), Standard USB (5V), Li-ion Battery (3.7V and higher), Lead Acid Battery (6V to 24V)
  • It provides multiple outputs at the same time with different polarity as (3.3V, 5V, +12V, -12V and adjustable)
  • You can get two adjustable outputs
  • It can supply loads with a high current reaching 1.5A
  • It provides short circuit protection and overheating protection
  • It ensures uniform thermal distribution for less heating and prolonged life
  • Wide input range 3.3V-25V from USB charger, Power Banks, Batteries or other power supplies
  • Wide output range 1.2V - 25V
  • Compatible with breadboard 
  • It has a separate LED indicator for each output
  • More than one input can be connected at the same time without a problem. The priority will be given to the highest input

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For What Can I Use it?

  • Useful for Home and Online Learning for Electrical and Electronic Courses StudentsLearners, Colleges and Universities
  • Useful for Electronics for Kids Courses and Geeks
  • Useful for STEM Clubs and Schools Design and Technology Activities
  •  Useful as a Portable Power Supply Powered by a Power Bank 
  • Useful as a Battery Charger
  • Useful for various Arduino/Microcontroller Projects including Robotics, Control, Communication and Power


  • During the Corona Pendamic, all learners have to stay at home and use online resources to gain knowledge but this limited their practical skills and hands-on. The available affordable power supplies are not cheap, not portable and offer one output
  • The available mini kits in the market can't provide high currents or multiple outputs simultaneously
  • Kids can't use complex or Mains-powered power supplies at schools or STEM clubs
  • Limited availability of negative voltages with decent currents

It has TWO options for output boarding 

Optional Accessories You could get, in addition to the Mainboard : 

  •  Output Extension Board X 1PCS; 
  • Adjust Screwdriver X 1PCS;
  •  USB Type C Charger with a cable X 1PCS. 

2 years ago | Blogs | by: Walid Issa

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