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Brushed motors Arduino drone

This tutorial is divided in two. First we build it using prototyping PCB then with my own design of preofessional PCB.

brushed drone menu 1
brushed drone menu 2

Step 4 The body

Well, my drone body is 3D printed uisng PLA material. You heve the STL files below if you want to print the same. Youl'll need a big printing area for the full body or use the divided parts for a smaller printer.

if you don't have a 3D printer, just made the body out of foam or thin plywood. Make it as lighter as you can since this drone won't have too much power.

arduino brushed drone circuit

The 3D files here

As you can see in the photo above, the body has holes in the arms for the DC motors gears. With just one screw, or maybe super glue, we fit those plastic gears in place. In these gear supports, we fit the DC motors and on the other side the plastic propellers. The body is basically ready. The plastic gear parts already have foots so the drone will be a bit high over the ground.

3D arduino drone

Now the body and the PCB are ready. Solder the motors to the PCB adn let's look over the multiwii code. Also make sure that the propellers are spinning in the correct direction.

3D arduino drone

Step 5 The code

Now we know that each part works ok. The code that we will use first is a MultiWii platform as in the past tutorial on Arduino based drone for quadX drone. Ina future part we will make our own code but that doesn't work quite well yet, sorry.
Go to the link below and donwload that zip file. Inside you will have the MultiWii Arduino code and the Multiwii Java platform for 32 and 64 bits.
Connect the FTDI module to to the Arduino pro mini, open the code, select Arduino pro mini as programmer and upload the code. Now with the FTDI module connected, open the Java Multiwii Platform and let's see if everything is ok.

Download multiwii here:

multiwii DC motors arduino drone

With the code uploaded, the FTDI connected and the Multiwii platform on, power the transmitter and chech if you can receive data for throttle, yaw, pithc and roll. Also the extra 2 AUX channel. To power the motors put throttle to maximum and yaw to amximum for 3 seconds. Now we can fly.