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GRBL CNC - Part List
03/04/2022 | Views: 31483 | Arduino | by: ELECTRONOOBS      

So, for the PCB we need and Arduino NANO and some female pins. Aside from that we need 2 step motor drivers. And for that, you could use the cheap ones, the A4988 or you could spend a little bit more for some silent step motor drivers such as the TMC2208. The rest are just some jumpers and connectors, maybe a button, capacitors and even a MOSFET. But the MOSFET is for a spindle control but this project doesn't have a spindle so we don’t need power control.

So, aside from the PCB we need the 3D printed files. There are a few parts and they were all printed with PLA material. For the cutter support part, which is the one that will carry the cutter, you need to use supports. So, download my 3D files from below and print them as well. Then we also need the vinyl cutter. This is a special cutter and is a very important part for this project. You see, the blade is on a bearing so it can rotate freely. Like that it can create curves on the vinyl without breaking. It also has a spring inside and you can adjust the height of the blade. We don’t need a linear bearing since the 3D part already has the needed shape for that. But we do need some 8mm smooth rods. We also need some 608 bearings like these ones. To move the cutter up and down, I will use a servo motor. We also need screws and nuts, and usually, I use M3 size for that. And obviously, we also need those 2 NEMA stepper motors. And to transfer power we need some GT2 belts. To merge the motoro with the rod, we can use a metal coupler or you can even 3D print your own coupler. So, this is pretty much all we need for this project.

DIY arduino GRBL CNC shield machine

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