Two Hand Multimeter - Part List
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Check the scheamtic on the next part for all the values. But this is the list for the components that we need to make this PCB. Have in mind taht for example, for the ATMEGA328p-MU is better to just take it out from an Arduino NANO clone togehter with the 16MHz resonator. For the ADS1115 and the ACS712, the same, just take them out from premade modules. Sometimes, the module is cheaper than just the IC, especially these days with this IC scarcity. For the 0402 resistors and capacitors, you have the values on the schematic. For the SMD OLED display, again, just buy the module, desolder the SMD strip of the display and then solder it on the multimeter PCB (be careful of the orientation). For the HC-05 module, make sure you get the SMD vrsion and not the full module. You also have links for the 3D case and the GERBERs of the PCB for free. But you could also get it from my shop and like that you support my work. Thank you.

DIY arduino small multimeter

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